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Photography is a technique of recording and clicking the reality's reflection with help of the digital medium. From its emergence, the techniques practiced in photography have been evaluated by its versatility. The emergence of photography set about as a medium to study the movement of objects for scientific motive, although, over the years the scope and demand for photography has rarefied itself to achieve the status in the field of art. The area of photography has also involved in constant and continual technological transformation, leading to advantageous differences in distinction to the daguerreotypes photo copy printed from a negative, the physical and actual nature of the image and from analogue cameras to digital cameras. Photography has an immense impact and significance in the sphere of fashion, tourism, to the filmmakers, for business venture, advertising, business and in the field of science and technology. Consequently, there is a prominent place for photography in the line of fashion where professional photographers click pictures of models in such a manner that it stress and highlights the designer's accessories and the attire they exhibit. In terms of tourism, concerning a particular place and to promote those attractive brochures have to be designed. Photography today has gained a commercial prospective where talented photographers can receive attractive remunerations.
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