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An artist is an individual, professional who indulges one's self in an activity, which is associated with designing arts, perfecting arts, and expressing and exhibiting the arts. Artists can create impressive art in various and in innumerable forms including drawing, filmmaking, sculptures, dancing, and photography. In actuality becoming and being an artist is a determination that demands a high level of commitment and assurance. Artist is a person who is often keen in entertaining people and into entertaining business, They are distinctive individuals and each of them have a unique and fresh idea, concept, and visualization of their creation, and of what it is to be an artist. Being an artist is not an affair or position that one can do on part time basis; it is a profession and one's lifestyle. These artists are god-gifted individuals who can make others happy with their skill and talent. Any artwork of the artists gives him or her sense of gratitude, pleasure, and thus providing an essence to life. A wide range of tastes and preferences of artists and their learning experience, living environment, and society and community they belong is presumably, what that contributes to the magnificent and diverse nature to the discipline of art.
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