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Dance undoubtedly throughout the itinerary of human history has evolved as a part of every culture around the world. The objective, methodology, and style of dance vary across from culture to culture. Dance has greatly influenced and dominated the world of entertainment by music and movements. The terminology dance is a perfect fusion of grandeur, beauty, elegance, and grace. The art of dance at some occasion can be executed individually, on certain events can be performed with a partner or as a group generally accompanied with music. The dancers practice with their group or individually in a place known as dance studio, which provides for mastering ultimate setting for basic training. Several exceptional and noteworthy dance forms have been developed across the globe and overtime dance styles and their expressions has undergone distinctive transformation. Ballet, tap dance, jazz, salsa, tango, and hip-hop are the dance forms that have been listed under western style of dancing. Many universities offer a wide range of dance learning syllabus, which may comprehend a diverse range of courses to the students interested in this art form. Choreographers are one of the trained professionals and versatile individuals who are trained in different styles of dance art forms.
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