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Fashion in simple sense suggests to the ongoing trends and style with a flash of complimenting and contrasting color with a glimpse of glamour. The locution fashion is an instantaneous inclination or innate desire of feeling and looking good as accepted by immediate society and according to one's socio-economic status. A fashion is dressing oneself with trendy clothes and accessorize them accordingly. Fashion in terms of clothing, generally undergoes changes every now and then over the decided factors. The fashion industry upholds an important place for trendy costumes. Dressing one's self fashionably does not remain confined to smartness only, but also brings out elegance, charm, and confidence to the individuals. Certain aspects that decide the fashion are the tastes and preferences of the individuals, gender, age factors, weather conditions, society, and profession. The designs, patterns, colors, and styles of wardrobe change from time to time and differ with existing society. The fashion designers determination, their creativity, and imaginative urges endeavour a great deal of impact on the field of fashion. The designer clothes of the fashioner are substantially showcased through organizing fashion events where models wear the attire and walk on the ramp. In the world of fashion vogue and style prevail for a while, and then vanish and appear again.
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