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Philosophy encompasses a broad evaluation about crucial issues relating to certain topics such as evidence of actuality, the language, customs, ethics, religion, values and belief. Philosophy is a theory that revolves around certain questions about the existence of universe, society, the earth and its surrounding environment. Philosophical enquiries relating to certain subjects are usually fundamental, basic, and abstract in nature. The field of philosophy is considerably a vast subject matter, which makes it difficult to associate with, and consequently investigate and categorize it into manageable and logical segments. The subject thought of philosophy paves way for appropriate learning and ability to think more accurately and precisely concerning a wide range of topic and affair, furthermore its technique and system of scrutinizing the arguments and exchange of views that can be significantly used in varied circumstances of human life. Philosophy is further divided into several branches and the main branches of philosophy are logic the primary tool, epistemology review of knowledge itself, metaphysics exploring the basic nature of things, and axiology is a key component for different studies. Fundamentally the concept of philosophy is done through reflection and does not rely on the idea of experiment. Generally, philosophers aim to make sense of human experiences and seek to understand the abstract concepts.
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