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Entertainment is liveliness, which is combined with spare time and enjoyable moments for individuals to amuse themselves. Without entertainment, life seems very boring and dull. Entertainment is derivation of energy that allows the life to experience its own charm and bliss. The idea of entertainment will undoubtedly vary with every person and according to his or her age. A very short period of entertainment will have a large impact and a soothing effect to an individual's soul and mind. Music is great source of entertainment and a great way to ease one's stress and any sort of mental pressure. Any kind of music can attract almost every person. Many people are attracted to the natural sounds of Mother Nature including water falling from the tip of mountains, chirping of birds, and religious chants and thus it forms a kind of entertainment for some and a stress buster. Media in broader term can be understood and defined as channelizing information from a specified locality to another, but within the limits. The media is a good platform for the entertainers to reach out to a larger audience thereby display their talents. Electronic media has revolutionized and transformed life of people largely.
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